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About Worship

Hymns and organs, slides and choruses, praise bands and worship... How do we know what kind of worship service God likes best?

The Lord desires to be worshiped in spirit and in truth. He desires that your mind and heart be directed to Him during the worship time. That's why our prayer is that whatever your musical taste, the songs sung and music played at Calvary Chapel of Marysville will be used as a vehicle that will usher you into the presence of God. We constantly pray for the invisibility of the musicians and singers, and that God will be the center of attention during worship.

During the worship service, you are encouraged to worship in every way set forth in Scripture. This includes actions such as,
Singing (Exodus 15:21; Judges 5:3; 1Chronicles 16:9; Psalm 66:4)
Bowing (Exodus 34:8; Matthew 2:11; Revelation 4:10-11)
Raising your hands (Nehemiah 8:6; Psalm 28:2; Psalm 63:4; Psalm 134:2; Psalm 141:2; Lamentations 3:40-41)

You are free to stand and lift your hands, applaud, and sing. We only ask that while engaging in worship, you please make a point of not being a distraction to others around you.

Some common questions regarding worship include:

Will you ever play my favorite song?
At Calvary Chapel Marysville, we have a collection of hundreds of songs, with more being added all the time. The worship leaders choose songs based on the ministry of the message as he/she feels the heart of God directing, so we are certainly open to learning and playing your favorite hymn or praise song. Whether or not the song is used in a worship service depends on its lyrics, style, and difficulty to play and sing in addition to the applicability of the song within any given worship service.

How can I participate in the worship ministry?
First and foremost, be a true and spiritual worshipper of God. Unlike the world that magnifies performers, there is no difference to God between your worshipping Him in the pew or on the stage. God is not impressed with talents and abilities, but He is blessed by a broken and contrite heart, by your humble spirit of praise and worship.

That having been said, there are always opportunities to minister in worship at home fellowships, home Bible studies, children's ministry, and other fellowships. There are also occasional openings for musicians or singers to join the worship team that plays during the main services.

Do you ever have special music?
On occasion, we may have guests that perform a worship service as the Lord leads.