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Spiritual Gifts

About Spiritual Gifts

By definition, Calvary Chapel is a charismatic church. We believe that the gifts of the Spirit (Rom 12; 1Cor 12; 1Pet 4) continue to be in operation today. But we also believe that the exercise of these gifts must be decent and in order (1Cor 14:40) within Biblical boundaries, to the edification of the church. Therefore, we cannot be defined as "Pentecostal."

Calvary Chapel's Sunday morning services are designed to be centered around the verse-by-verse teaching of God's Word, as well as for the evangelism of unbelievers. Therefore, we have smaller studies in the form of Home Fellowships and Bible Studies where the gifts of the Holy Spirit can operate freely under the leadership of mature Christians.

Because the fruit of the Spirit includes self control (Gal 5:22-23), we do not believe that "holy laughter," being "slain in the spirit," shaking, trembling, barking, etc. are from the Spirit of God. At no time are the extra-biblical manifestations that have become prominent in some churches permitted during any service at Calvary Chapel. We do believe in the following Biblical gifts:

Word of Wisdom
God, acting on the knowledge you have, enables you to solve a conflict or arrive at a godly decision.

Word of Knowledge
A supernatural revelation - knowledge of things that you didn't discover or know on your own.

A super-abundant dose of faith, enabling you to step out and do things for the kingdom of God that might make no earthly sense.

Gifts of Healing
Gifts of healing are imparted to some who are sick, handicapped, injured, or dying.

Effecting of Miracles
A gift in which God causes a supernatural event - changing the natural laws and flow of things for a certain purpose.

A forth-telling of the Word of God - sometimes speaking of the future, but often simply speaking the written Word of God appropriately.

The ability to take the deep things of God and make them understandable to others.

Distinguishing of Spirits
The ability to see the spirit - the attitudes, the motives - of a person.

Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues
Speaking praises to God in an unknown language (of men or angels). An interpretation is necessary in a public setting so that we can say "amen." It is a sign to unbelievers, but only when practiced decently and in order (no more than 2 or 3, each in turn, with interpretations).

We're all called to serve one another, but some are gifted supernaturally to serve either by their ability or their availability.

Used by God to strongly urge people to good deeds, or warn them against evil deeds.

Manifested in people who give abundantly and generously.

Given to people that God places in leadership in the church.

The supernatural ability to show unexpected and abundant kindness to the undeserving.